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Smt. R.J.Kaneriya Girls' High school has been started in 1975 managed by Patel Kelavani Mandal, Junagadh providing all around education for girls students between the ages of fourteen to seventeen. The school is spacious and well equipped to create peaceful environment for education. The school also offers well maintained boarding facility to the students. The school is running Gujarat Board (GSEB) for gujarati medium students. The higher secondary section of our school offers common and science stream to the students.

The school encourages students to participate in various national and international competitions where they manifest their inborn potentials. Co-curricular activities like sports, annual function, science fair, education fair, picnics & outing, industrial visits etc. are part of our syllabus for the development of life skills in the students.

To enhance academic values and character, Lectures of some Proficient speakers, Spiritual characters, Seminars for awareness, Yoga shibirs, Mediation sessions, daily yoga are included in the curriculum.


To develop strong, sustainable and growing culture within the organization that enhances and upgrades human value through excellence in education.

To develop a school of education recognized for its diversity, and known for excellence in teaching, learning and research.

To provide academic development of the child along with physical, mental, moral, emotional and spiritual development.


Aim for "all round development of each child".

Delivering education in totality for the child to empower her to take on the world with Physical, emotional and spiritual strength. Our education has multi disciplinary enhancement in students that groom them to live a life of significance in the future.

To impart global and comprehensive education based on Indian tradition and values that provides a new direction in the world of education.


To manifest the hidden potential of child through excellence in education. Building a strong foundation of quality education the school emphasizes on all round development of child including physical, mental, emotional, educational and spiritual development towards holistic approach. It is a nation building approach by shaping a child into best and responsible citizen of India along with career oriented work. We have set the standards of excellence concerned to every aspect of student life. Be it academic performance, character development, ethical values, etiquette, well manners, physical health, sportsman spirit etc. To cultivate overall growth is our goal.