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Shri Mohanbhai L. Patel

President / Managing Trustee,

Patel Kelavani Mandal

"The beautiful thing about learning is that no one can take it away from you."

 Throughout my life, I have been deeply influenced by the values & cultural heritage of India. This school is a culmination of my dream to merge the finest educational practices. Here, each Kalarian is encouraged to become confident, inquisitive & independent minded while acquiring the virtues of excellence, discipline & respect. Our constant endeavor provide better quality of education year by year, which will foster academic excellence, physical fitness, psychological & spiritual health and above all, social consciousness. Our school will strive for glory & achieve new heights. I assure you these standards will get further refined and assure that each student who passes through the portals of Kalaria School, is equipped to take his correct place in the society.

 We welcome you to this innovative school with this promise.


Vaishanani Kantibhai Chatrabhujbhai



 At Kalaria School, our goal is to provide excellent academic environment with a friendly and caring faculty that gives more than education. Our aim is "all-round development in each child."

 We believe in holistic education of children, encompassing - academics, co-curricular activities & sports. We seek to develop the joy of learning world.

 At Kalaria, we provide a caring and supportive atmosphere that allows children to thrive academically. Our children are encouraged to be enquiring, creative, reflective & motivated learners. Individual talents of children are nourished.

 We seek to develop the joy of learning as well as intellectual curiosity. We want each child to acquire skills needed to deal with the challenges of a career in today's fast growing world.

 We welcome you to the world of learning.


Fuletra Manjulaben Premjibhai



 As a Principal of this esteemed institution, I take pride in introducing you to this school, which aims for "All round development of each child" . The school focuses on:

  • Enlightenment through academics.
  • Empowerment through technology.
  • Enrichment through creative and performing arts.
  • Excellence in Sports.
  • Environment consciousness.
  • Empathy towards mankind.

 We believe education should inculcate in students the qualities that build character and help them understand and appreciate the right values.

 To mould the character of our students and groom them into balanced individuals, we work towards imparting what the World Health Organization describes as the major skills, i.e. decision making, problem solving, critical thinking, effective communication, interpersonal relationships, self-awareness, empathy, self-esteem & coping with stress.

 The primary stage of education is immensely important for every child, as foundation of literacy, numeracy and comprehensibility are laid down for future. At Kalaria, we aim to nurture skills, develop confidence by innovating minds and elevating souls.

 We are committed to unfold the true potential of every child. We work towards helping students evolve into responsible, caring individuals who have the right attitude for fulfilling balanced life. We believe in giving strong values along with set of wings which will carry them far and wide. In other words, our students are equipped to face the challenges of rapidly changing world as our institution follows six-dimensional education pattern.

 (In this way, students become independent in thought & action and learn the values of life. In other words, become "Sarva Gunn Sampan".)

 Education is considered to be the most precious gift parents can bestow upon their children. So, I personally invite you to visit "THE SECOND HOME" of your child.